Generalizations about Japanese Girls: Part 1

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    What are Japanese girls like?

    So what are Japanese girls like? Perhaps you’ve heard some stuff from internet sites or guys you know who have lived in Japan. Here are some generalizations that you’ll often here:

    Japanese girls are easy.

    Many foreign guys go to Japan and are very successful in bedding Japanese girls. Is this because Japanese girls are easy? Certainly there is a large group of Japanese girls who like to go to foreign hangouts in big cities and hook up with foreign guys. There are also many Japanese girls who are very interesting in learning English and the possibility of going abroad. Many of these girls find the idea of dating a Westerner very exciting. As a foreigner you will come in contact with both of these groups, and even if you are pretty clumsy with girls in your home country you will likely be able to pickup a Japanese girl from one of these groups. So, to foreigners, some Japanese girls are easy. The majority of Japanese women are no easy for foreigners to pick up.

    Japanese women look younger than their age.

    In my experience this is a pretty accurate statement. To a foreigner, Japanese girls in their teens to thirties generally appear younger than their actual age. Some of these girls actually appear young, and some of them just know how to apply makeup to look younger.

    It is the dream of every Japanese woman to be swept away by a foreign man.

    It has been said that Hollywood movies have planted fantasies about foreign men in the minds of Japanese girls. This might be true of some girls, but the majority of Japanese girls avoid contact with foreign men. I have heard several reasons for this:

    -The vast majority of foreigners in Japan cannot speak Japanese at an adult level. Many of them cannot speak any Japanese at all. When a foreigner tries to ask for directions in English or broken Japanese, it will often fluster/stress a Japanese person. Most Japanese girls have forgotten almost all the English they learned in school and having a boyfriend who they can’t communicate with.

    -Foreigners are also often unfamiliar with Japan’s societal norms and protocols. This makes them unpredictable and strange to many Japanese. The Japanese way of doing things is often very different from the Western way, so there is a lot of opportunity for cultural misunderstandings.

    -Certain foreign men in Japan go around trying to have sex with as many Japanese girls as they can. Some Japanese women have heard stories about these foreign players and are weary of foreign men (especially eikaiwai teachers and military guys).

    -Most foreigners who come to Japan only stay for a short period of time. Why date a foreigner if he is going to ditch you and go back to his home country in 6 months?

    -General fear of unknown.

    Japanese girls will think I look like Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise

    If you are white or black you are likely to hear yourself compared to some celebrity. Usually it is someone who you do not resemble in the slightest. Just as many people in America might claim that Asians all look similar to them, Japanese people seem to have trouble seeing the differences in foreign faces. Hopefully you’ll look like a celebrity they find handsome.

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